What to see in Burlington Arcade, Mayfair

The Burlington Arcade, which runs down Burlington House (now Royal Academy of Arts) is one of three most famous arcades along Piccadilly. Here is what you can expect along the arcade. 

History of Burlington Arcade

Lord George Cavendish built the Burlington Arcade in 1819 with an aim of preventing passers-by from throwing rubbish into his gardens. It is one of the three famous arcades along Piccadilly, the other tow being Piccadilly Arcade and Princes Arcade. The arcades were and are still patrolled by uniformed beadles, to keep sanity and discourage unruly behaviors. This indoor arcade is a great escape from the hustles and bustles of the Piccadilly traffic and is lined with luxury goods, boutiques and some of the most celebrated perfumes. 

What you can expect at Burlington Arcade

The Burlington Arcade is home to more than 40 luxurious stores. Since its establishment in the 1800s, it has acted as a prime shopping centre for those looking for luxurious jewelry and upmarket fashion items. Some of the items and stores in the glass-roofed mall include Crockett & Jones Handmade English shoes, David Duggan Watches, Globe Trotters, Penfriends (London) Ltd, Armour Winston Ltd, Richard Ogden, Michael Rose, and Hancock’s & Co. ltd, among many more others. Even if you are not shopping, you can scroll beneath the arches and experience the beauty of the ceiling lanterns lighting the arcade. It also offers a spectacular view as the light from the sun filters through the glazed windows. You can also take selfies with uniformed beadles dressed in their traditional uniforms as they keep order in the arcade. You can also satisfy your tastes buds with delicacies such as chic patisseries and macarons. There are also a plethora of places to stay nearby Burlington Arcade such as St. James Hotel and Club – Mayfair London, The Chester Mayfair, Assembly, and the May Fair, A Raddison Collection Hotel, Mayfair among others. 

While visiting one of the three famous arcades at Piccadilly, you may also want to visit nearby sights such as the Royal Academy of Arts or the Thomas Gibson Fine Art. 

CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=184497


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