Why a Sauna treatment makes a perfect Christmas gift


With Christmas just around the corner, there are many who are wondering what to buy and give to their loved ones. Why not surprise your loved ones with something different this Christmas? A Christmas gift that will delight even the most exquisite tastes will be a sauna treatment.

People have basked in saunas for relaxation and recreation for thousands of years. This tradition born in Scandinavia roughly 2,000 years ago has gradually invaded our spas, institutes, gymnastics clubs and thalassotherapy centers. If you are in West London, a sauna treatment at K West Hotel and Spa will make for the most relaxing and thoughtful Christmas gift ever.

Saunas have been used medicinally for millennia, from the Roman Baths to the Russian Banya to the Japanese Mushiburo or the Aztec Temazcal. Recent research shows that saunas provide many of the benefits you get from exercising. Our ancestors intuited its benefits, and today science has confirmed them. Here we talk about a few of the benefits of basking in a sauna

Improved Blood circulation – Hot sauna causes our blood vessels to dilate, increasing blood circulation and promoting complete detoxification and oxygenation of body tissues. In this way, they also favour the optimal distribution of nutrients. Among other benefits, the optimal distribution of nutrients benefits our hair, skin, and nails too. It is also a proven cure for various respiratory ailments, including chest congestion and bronchitis, as it helps in the natural drainage of the sinuses.

Toned muscles -: Sauna sessions help the bodies get rid of excess fat, reduce cellulite and relieve pain and joint fatigue. Spending time in sauna also helps you lose weight by increasing the intensity and frequency of the metabolic rates. It certainly makes sauna best amongst the Christmas beauty gifts

Optimal heart health – During a sauna session, the heartbeat of most people increases by as much as 50-75%, similar to what happens during physical training. In a report published by the American College of Cardiology, researchers revealed that saunas may prove to be helpful in the treatment of coronary heart disease.

Detoxification through perspiration – Sweating is the natural mechanism of body cleansing and saunas help eliminate waste products through it. It should be remembered that more than 30% of total body wastes are expelled through sweat, so profuse sauna sweating contributes to body detoxification.

Now that you know how beneficial saunas are, sauna treatment will certainly be the best gift you can give to your loved ones.


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